About Pet Adorn

Celebrate Your pet everywhere you go and with every outfit you wear.

WHAT WE STAND FORIt started out with an idea and love.

My passion for dogs started when I was just 2 and a half. My Dad introduced me to a puppy that nibbled my tiny fingers. For a young toddler with a fainted of heart, it was love at first nibble. Ever since, dogs and I have been FUR-ever friends.

As a young child who almost always made it home late from school because inside that little heart was preoccupied with the furry ones, simply because I can’t resist not playing with dogs and/or cats when I came across one on my way back (yes, blame for the dogs and/or cats). I have been a a dog owner and grew up around the unconditional love of canines – and I know that it’s something worth wearing on your sleeves.

If you love animals as much as I do, and you especially agree that your furry-one deserves the best. This is the place for you. That’s why I created PetAdorn, to help you celebrate your favorite furry friend. From hats to toys, from costumes to protective wear, PetAdorn has just what you need for your latest animal-themed ensemble.

Pamela Chao,


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